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2020 Reunion Information Updates



Most of our activities are in Virginia.  This is from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam:

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said at his press conference this week that the state will move into Phase 3 of reopening July 1.  With Phase 3 in effect, social gatherings of up to 250 people will be allowed, and caps on the capacity for nonessential retail businesses and restaurants will be lifted.  Museums, zoos and other outdoor venues can open at 50% capacity with a cap of 1,000 people.

"Statewide, our data continue to look good,” Northam said.  “We’re seeing a decline in people hospitalized with a positive or pending COVID test.  That has been trending downward for a couple of weeks".

This is very encouraging.

Great News:  The Evening Parade at 8th and I has started back up.  That is one of the most requested activities we have.

We are progressing nicely toward the Washington DC Family Reunion, August 11 - 15, 2020.  The hotel has extended the special rate of $129 including a hot breakfast.  You can get this rate through July 31.  I have very strong assurances from the hotel about the strict sanitation and disinfection protocols they will provide.  They sent me their in-house checklist and plan that includes 52 bullet points for their employees to follow.  We discussed security and the importance of that.  They told me that we will still get a fresh, hot breakfast.  We have a great, very accommodating working relationship and they assure me that we will be happy with the hotel.  The hotel has plenty of room for our activities and assures me we will be well taken care of.

I am well aware of the Covid-19 and the civil unrest.  I am in constant conversation with our Reunion partner, AFRI.  We are still about eight weeks away from the Reunion.  They are in communication with the bus lines that carry us and they are prepared for us.  They continue to check in with the venues we will visit.  I am also in contact with the venues.  We are working hard on different possible scenarios if needed.  We want to make sure to have a safe and enjoyable Reunion.

Remember that if you register for the Reunion, you only have $10 at risk if you later decide not to go.  The rest of your registration money will be returned.  Also you have no money invested in your hotel reservations.  Low risk, high potential reward for a great time.  We are well over 100 registrations so far, ahead of last year at this time.

Reunions are so important as we renew the bonds of friendship.


Semper Fidelis,
Robert North, President
3rd Marine Division Association, Inc.


Hello Everyone,

I have heard from some people who don't want to go to the DC Reunion and suggest we either cancel or postpone the Reunion because of the Virus.  I have talked to many more people who are very excited about the DC Reunion and have already registered and paid.  So to those of you who don't want to go and/or just want us to cancel or postpone:

  • While I respect your decision should you decide not to go to the Reunion, I also respect the nearly 100 people who have already registered and paid for the Reunion.  We are about 30% ahead of last year in paid registrations.  Also, we filled up the Ladies White House Tour at the maximum of 50 ladies.  We should respect their decision to go also.  I have already entered their security clearance information with the White House.  I would invite you to respect and trust each person to make up their own mind if they want to go.
  • Money.  If we cancel, we could face a severe financial penalty per normal contracts between a hotel and a large group.
  • We have been following Association guidelines and business principals in tying up future Reunion sites, following previously discussed location ideas.  We have been following the plan for East coast, central location, West coast, central location.  Therefore starting last year and each ensuing year: Branson-2019 (central), Washington DC-2020 (East), Chicago-2021 (central), San Diego-2022 (west) which is also the 80th anniversary of the forming of the Third Marine Division, and Fort Worth-2023 (central).  We have negotiated excellent contracts with a great hotel in each city.  Postponing the DC event would be quite a legal nightmare.
  • We have put in a lot of work on this Reunion.  The hotel has guaranteed me that no matter what level of opening that will be in place at the time of the Reunion, they will be prepared as there is more than enough room to adjust to whatever the needs may be.  They are confident in their ability to adjust and allow us to have a great, safe Reunion.
  • You are all amazing people.  I truly love this Association and the members.  I believe each person/family should have the right to make up their mind if they want to go to the Reunion.  I hope that you respect my decision that we should keep the Reunion for all of those who wish to attend.
  • Bottom line: I believe we should allow each person/family to make up their own mind about coming to the Reunion.  The Reunion Committee is dedicated to offer the best Reunion possible.

Lastly, we will obtain assurance from the Reunion hotel that all controlling health protocols are applied.  But you may wish to assess your personal risk.  The use of face masks, disinfectant wipes, social distance, and similar measures you may choose to employ, even if then not mandated by law, are your decision.  You are entirely free to take the measures you deem appropriate for your personal health.

I wish the very best to each of you and your families.  Please stay safe and healthy.

See you in DC!

Semper Fi,
Bob North, President
Third Marine Division Association


As of today, May 20, 2020, we are ahead of last year for paid registration (weeks vs. weeks in advance) by almost 30%.  That is very good news.  Thank you all for registering.  We did fill up for the Ladies White House Tour.  As mentioned, we took the first 50 to get their early sign-up sheet in.  We have made our official request for day and time for the Tour.  We are now getting the security clearances.

You can continue to send in your early security sign up sheets for the Patriots Tour and the Pentagon Tour.  The address and email address can be found at the bottom of the forms.  We need them soon.

We are more confident every day that we will have the Reunion as scheduled.  I continue talking to those involved including the Hotel, transportation, and tour sites.  The hotel is more than ready to handle whatever adjustments necessary.  There is plenty of room for us to make any adjustments.  The sanitizing is a priority for them, as is our safety and health.  We will be prepared for any event/tour adjustments if need be.  We have worked very hard given these extraordinary times.  I have asked the Commandant of the Marine Corps to be our guest of honor and banquet speaker.  I believe we will have a great time, no matter what.  It is always nice to see our friends and make new ones.  We are indeed brothers and sisters who share strong bonds.

Sign up today.  You only have a risk of $10 to lose if something happens and we have to cancel.  All other paid registration money would be returned to you minus $10 to AFRI, who we sign up with.  They have spent some money on our behalf already.

See you in DC!

Semper Fi,
Bob North, President


Hey Third Marine Division Association,

I had a conversation today (4/6/2020) with the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel.  They are still full steam ahead and are expecting us to be there for our Reunion.  Please remember to pre-register for the three events that must be sent in early and received by May 11.  Also we are limited to the first 50 Ladies for the White House and the first 100 for the Pentagon and the Capitol.  The early signups have been coming in at a steady pace so far.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you in DC. Stay safe and healthy.

Semper Fi,
Bob North, President


As of March 17, 2020, the Washington DC Reunion is on.  We are in constant contact with all of our reunion events and know what is going on at the moment.  We know that most everything is shut down now.  However, we must act as if all will be open and functioning by August.  We have signup timing windows and security clearance and limits with the White House, the Pentagon, and the Capitol.  We cannot wait until the last minute to do these things.  It is far better to sign up and plan now than to try to do everything at the last minute.  If we need to cancel, it will be because the hotel cancelled on us, which of course would be because of a government mandate, and a real hardship on the hotel, and cost us nothing.  If the Association cancelled, we would pay a substantial financial penalty.  Since the Reunion is in August, we are planning as if the coronavirus will have settled down by then.  We have had many challenges along the way, but the Reunion will be a great one.  As of now we are full steam ahead.  You will be able to start signing up now.


See security signup sheets on this web site and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.  Send no money now with these 3 events, send all money in with the Registration form.

I hope you will be understanding in these unusual circumstances, be patient with us, and be supportive of this amazing Third Marine Division Association.  Keep watching for any updates.  Any questions,  Look forward to seeing you in DC.

Semper Fi,
Bob North, President


As of Thursday March 12, 2020 the Washington DC Reunion is still on.  Watch this site for complete details in the next few days.  We are in constant contact with the powers that be.  We know what is going on today.  Since the Reunion is in August, we are planning as if the coronavirus will have settled down by then.  We will keep you updated from time to time.  We have had many challenges along the way, but the Reunion will be a great one.  As of now we are full steam ahead.  You will be able to start signing up next week.

Semper Fi,
Bob North, President

The 3rd Marine Division Association

Reunion Information